Orchids of The Year Awards     

Hybrid of the year (Orchid of the year prior to 1995)

Cym. Black Stump 'Come In Spinner'
FCC/AOC 2015 (NSW) 88.7 17/10/2015 Owner: Tinonee Orchids

15 inflorescenc es of 815mm with 76 flowersw + 109 buds (64 + 4 relevant); petals and sepals Grey Purple 187A outlined in Yellow group 11D; labellum Grey Purple Group 187A
Den. Cosmic Gold 'Sandy'
FCC/AOC/2014 (NSW) 85 14/08/2014 Owner: Van Den Berg H.

7 inflorescences of 371mm, with 356 flowers (relevant 50) Segments are yellow/orange 20A with speckles of Red/purple 59A on edges; Labellum has white 155b with side lobes of 59A
Paph. Harold Koopowitz 'Choc-Mint'
FCC/AOC 2013 (QLD) 86.2 18/03/2013 Owner: Robertson Orchids

All segments yellow-green, striped greyed purple 183C. Two inflorescences, each with 2 flowers. Stems 770mm.
Den. Hot Lips 'Lesley'
FCC/AOC 2012 (NSW) 85 30/04/2012 Owner: Bromley G. & L.

All segments white 155D with shades of purple-violet. Nine inflorescences, 9 flowers on main one, Total 58 flowers. Stems 340mm.
Sarco. Burgundy on Ice 'Fimbria'
FCC/AOC 2011 (VIC) 87 18/10/2011 Owner: Garrett G.

Segments white 155B, overalid red-purple 64B. Labellum yellow 10B, overlaid red-purple 64B. Fourteen inflorescences, 20 flowers on main one. Total 236 flowers/ 12 buds. Stems 380mm. Pts ACM=81.5
Den. Australian Goldrush 'Sydenham'
FCC/AOC 2010 (VIC) 86 14/09/2010 Owner: Drobski M.

All segments yellow 12B. Labellum yellow 12B, spotted red 53A. Twenty four inflorescences, 37 flowers on main one. Total 820 flowers. Stems 320mm.
Sarco. Burgundy on Ice 'Vo Vo'
FCC/AOC 2009 (NSW) 88 15/10/2009 Owner: Roper N.

Segments white 155D, centre & spotted greyed purple 1285C. Labellum white 155C, spotted yellow-orange 22A. Twenty three inflorescences. 16 flowers on main one, total 239 flowers. Stems 150mm.
Paph. Fanaticum 'Steph'
FCC/AOC 2008 (WA) 86.8 06/10/2008 Owner: Clarke K. & S.

Sepals and petals white, marked red-purple 71A. Labellum white, overlaid red-purple 71C. One flower on 480mm stem.
C. Elizabeth and Norman 'The Scarlet Pimpernel'
AM/AOC 2007 (WA) 80.5 28/09/2007 Owner: Masters P. & S.

All segments red 53B, overlaid purple. Labellum red 53A. One inflorescence, 3 flowers. Stem 100mm. Points for AD=79.7
C. Royal Beau 'Dendi'
FCC/AOC 2006 (NSW) 85 12/10/2006 Owner: Dendi Orchids

Segments red-purple 65C. Labellum red-purple 68C, with red-purple 66D at distal end; yellow-orange 23A in throat. One inflorescence, 3 flowers. Stem 63mm.
Onc. Desirable 'Girls Night Out'
FCC/AOC 2005 (TAS) 86.7 28/09/2005 Owner: Jackson P. & H.

All segments purple 78B, blotched greyed orange 172A, picotee edged red-purple 72A. Labellum purple 78B, blotched greyed orange 172A; crest yellow 7B. One inflorescence, 10 flowers/ 1 bud. Stem 850mm.
Rlc. Burdekin Dream 'DJ'
FCC/AOC 2004 (QLD) 86.6 06/07/2004 Owner: Truscott C.

Segments white 155A. Labellum white 155A, throat yellow 7A. One flower/ 1 bud.
Masd. Midas Touch 'Golden Dynasty'
FCC/AOC 2003 (TAS) 85 04/05/2003 Owner: Ling P. & V.

All segments orange-grey 25B. Spotted all over red-grey 46A. Two inflorescences, 2 flowers. Stems 155mm. All segments orange-grey. Two inflorescences, 2 flowers. Stems 155mm.
Phal. Carmela's Wonder 'Sharron'
FCC/AOC 2002 (QLD) 85.9 10/10/2002 Owner: Truscott C.

Segments white 155C. Labellum white 155C,  lower edges & side lobes labellum yellow 6C; striated purple-violet 81B on side lobes with spotting 81B towards back of labellum. One inflorescence; 13 flowers. Stem 1330mm.
Rlc. Brunswick Bonanza 'Michael'
FCC/AOC 2001 (NSW) 85.5 09/07/2001 Owner: Vallance G.

Petals purple 77C. Sepals purple 77C fading to 77D at apices. Labellum purple-violet 81A throat yellow-orange 23A veined purple-violet 81A. One flower. Stem 158mm.

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