Orchids of The Year Awards     

Species of the year (commenced 1995)

Mystacidium capense  'Nasarka'
FCC/AOC 2015 (VIC) 85.6 13/11/2015 Owner: Haywood M. & B.

6 inflorecences of 220mm with 39 flowers (9 relevant); petals and sepals White group NN155C with Yellow/Green 145B behind column; labellum White group NN155C
Dendrobium striolatum 'Ruffles'
FCC/AOC 2014 (NSW) 85.5 02/10/2014 Owner: Roper N.

1503 inflorescences of 41 mm with 1543 flowers and 53buds (1 relevant); petals and sepals Yellow-White 160B with fine stripes of Grey Purple 187B; labellum White NN155D
Dendrobium chrysopterum 'Marion'
AM/AOC 2013 (NSW) 80 10/04/2013 Owner: Gamble G. & M.

Petals & dorsal sepal yellow 21A. Lateral seplas orange-red 30B, tipped yellow 12A. Labellum orange-red 30B. Nineteen inflorescences, 7 flowers on main one. Total 129 flowers. Stems 2mm
Cymbidium erythraeum 'Paradise'
FCC/AOC 2012 (NSW) 86 22/06/2012 Owner: Royale Orchids

Segments yellow-green 150C, striped greyed orange 166B. Labellum white 155D striped greyed red 179A. Lobes greyed orange 136. Thirty nine inflorescences 18 flowers/ 2 buds on main one. Total 682 flowers/ 70 buds. Stems 1300mm.
Dendrochilum cobbianum 'Krisett'
FCC/AOC 2011 (QLD) 85.8 10/09/2011 Owner: Glover J. & N.

Segmenst yellow 10C. Labellum yellow-orange 22C. One hundred & six inflorescences, 50 per each. Total 5300 flowers. Stems 610mm. Pts ACE = 86.0
Coelogyne rochussenii 'Joy'
FCC/AOC 2010 (QLD) 90.8 28/02/2010 Owner: Gray B.

Segments yellow-green 154C. Labellum white 155D, straited greyed orange 166B in throat. Seventy six inflorescences, 76 flowers on main one, total approx. 5,400. Stems average 1030mm. Points ACE=91.8
Vanda coerulea 'True Blue'
FCC/AOC 2009 (QLD) 86 09/04/2009 Owner: McCubbin J. & M.

Sepals & petals blue 107C, overlaid tesselations violet-blue 91A. Labellum violet 83A. One inflorescence, 18 flowers. Stems 905mm.
Aerangis articulata 'Patricia'
AM/AOC 2008 (NSW) 82 12/03/2008 Owner: Scott-Harden C. & G.

Segments white 155D. Labellum yellow-white 158B. Four inflorescences, 9 flowers/ 2 buds on main one; total 26 flowers/ 8 buds. Stems 260mm.
Phragmipedium caudatum 'Dark Star'
FCC/AOC 2007 (NSW) 86.9 30/11/2007 Owner: Dark Star Orchids

Petals red 46A. Sepals green 154C. Labellum red 46A. Two inflorescences: 2 flowers/ I bud and I flower.
Dendrochilum magnum 'P.I.'
FCC/AOC 2006 (NSW) 86.8 27/02/2006 Owner: Royale Orchids

Segments greyed orange 164A, grading to yellow-orange 17A at centre. Labellum greyed orange 164A, striped white at centre, fringed yellow-orange 17A. One hundred and seventy six inflorescences, average 70 flowers on each. Total 12,320 flowers. Stems 250mm. ACE points = 88.2
Paphiopedilum sukhakulii 'Lucy'
FCC/AOC 2005 (NSW) 86 18/08/2005 Owner: Robertson Orchids

Petals green 145A, spotted greyed purple 187A. Sepals white 155A, striped yellow-green 145A. Labellum  yellow-green 145C, overlaid greyed purple 183D. One flower on 140mm stem.
Paphiopedilum hirsutissimum 'Jim'
AM/AOC 2004 (QLD) 84 18/10/2004 Owner: McCubbin J. & M.

Petals purple-violet 81D (outer half), spotted grey-purple 183C. Sepals yellow-green 158B, spotted grey-purple 183C. Labellum yellow-green 153B, spotted grey-orange 164B. One flower on 270mm stem.
Bulbophyllum graveolens 'Canecutter'
AM/AOC 2003 (QLD) 81.5 12/10/2003 Owner: Jarvis W.

Segments yellow-green 146C, spotted red-purple 59A. Labellum red-purple 59A. 4 inflorescences, 17 flowers on main one, total 71 flowers. Stem 170mm.
Gongora scaphephorus 'Joy'
FCC/AOC 2002 (QLD) 87.7 01/12/2002 Owner: Gray B.

Segments greyed yellow 161C, spotted greyed orange 176B. Labellum yellow 4D shading to 4C at tip. Four Inflorescences; 95 flowers/ 9 buds on main infl. Total 249 flowers/ 74 buds. Stems 1750mm. Noted as far superior to others seen or recorded.
Dendrobium speciosum var. curvicaule 'Daylight Moon'
FCC/AOC 2001 (NSW) 85 26/08/2001 Owner: Bissett A. & J.

All segments yellow 7C fading to light cream (centre). Seven inflorescences; total 714 flowers, 93 on main one. Stem 580mm.

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