What is Australian Orchid Council Inc.?

The Australian Orchid Council Inc. of today is a far cry from that founded in 1960. After a number of years of turmoil, a new Constitution was adopted in 1997. Perhaps the most significant changes here were: the State representation at Council being handed to a STRO (State or Territory Representative Organization) with the former State member bodies being termed "Foundation Members" and having equal voting with other clubs in their home state; the introduction of Personal Membership as part of a subscription to Orchids Australia; and the separation of the Regional Judging Panels.

Foundation Members:

  • Orchid Society of New South Wales Inc.
  • Victorian Orchid Club Inc.
  • Tasmanian Orchid Society Inc.
  • Orchid Society of the Northern Territory Inc.
  • Queensland Orchid Society Inc.
  • Orchid Society of Western Australia Inc.
  • Orchid Club of South Australia Inc.

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What does the Australian Orchid Council Inc. do?
The AOC provides:

  • A national forum for the coordination of orchid growing across Australia and resolution of issues;
  • A direct voice to clubs in the management of the affairs of the Council;
  • Publication of one of the worlds best orchid magazines, Orchids Australia , and other cultural books and literature for growers across Australia;
  • Operation of this website, providing information and links to other quality sites to the world;
  • A unified national judging system granting awards of excellence to growers and not only providing the basis for show judging but in many cases the judges;
  • Access to a comprehensive slide program library of some 180 programs;
  • A national group insurance scheme for liability insurance coverage;
  • A national focus through the AOC Conservation Director for the conservation of our native orchid species;
  • Ability to purchase at significant discount, a range of quality orchid specific products and cultural books for re-sale;
  • A quality range of orchid-specific trophies for use in shows or for awards;
  • Coordination and allocation of national conferences and provision of conference medals;
  • Opportunity for members to participate in official AOC tours to World Orchid Conferences;
  • A national badge symbolizing the unity of our national hobby, for growers to purchase;
  • Liaison with Government on national issues of relevance, e.g. CITES;
  • Australian point of contact for other international orchid bodies.

Applications for Membership:

Group Members: Orchid clubs and societies, apply in writing to The Secretary, Australian Orchid Council, 88 Wehl Street North, MT GAMBIER, SA. 5290 Personal Members: This is automatically part of a subscription to Orchids Australia. Subscription can be made Online here here, or fax or mail the Order Form to the Treasurer. Details are printed on the Order Form.



Orchids Australia

Our magazine "Orchids Australia" is one of the best orchid magazines in the world. Published bi-monthly six times a year it is a treasure trove of information.


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